Terms of Services

Dubai User Terms of Use :

Products and services can intentionally or unintentionally violate any applicable local, state, national or international law, or any regulations will remove from the list and your Dubai User account will also suspend. You may not post jobs or ads for commodities or services that are illegal where you live. If you see any doubtful or questionable content on the site, please use our contact us links to inform us about any problems. We may take legal steps to take out the content or any action to keep offending users off from our database. Main items that are strictly prohibited from submitting to Dubai User.

  • Sell and buy of prohibited drug like Heroin, ecstasy and cocaine etc.
  • Alcoholic beverages and tobacco.
  • Stolen goods or property with removed serial number or tainted.
  • Animals, insects and planets that are not allowed to sale according to applicable laws.
  • Human body parts, Blood and bodily fluids.
  • Prize bonds, checks, stocks and other securities.
  • Embargoed goods.
  • Products and services with trade marks and third party rights.
  • Weapons and other goods that are designed to commit the crimes.
  • Products usable for manufacturing illegal explosives or controlled substances.
  • Material that contains obscene material, child pornography or is harmful to minors.
  • Nonprescription drugs that make false or misleading claims that might require FDA approval.
  • Services or merchandise that may promote hatred and violence against specific groups of people.
  • Services that are illegal including without limitation prostitution.
  • Fireworks or similar goods.
  • Items containing hazardous substances or pesticides.
  • Items that restrict transfer such as tickets or coupons and item you are not authorized to sell.